Our new CNC lathe has started production.


Our application submitted to the GINOP_PLUSZ-1.2.1-21 Program has been successful, and we have won the 55% conditionally non-refundable grant for the new CNC lathe. It has arrived today.


Our application to GINOP_PLUSZ-1.2.1-21 Economic Development and Innovation Operational Program has got 55 points for the formal requirements. Hopefully, the content will also be accepted and an about 50 % conditionally non-refund support will be given to our new CNC lathe to increase our capabilities in turning up to 500 mm in maximum machinable diameter and 1200 mm in maximum lenght. By this increase, we would be able to fulfill the needs of our customers for turned items with larger sizes.


The newest demo programme for our Hanwha HCR5 has been compiled. It could be written and tested in less, than half an hour. It has been a good practice for us to reduce setup times (and costs for our customers) for palletizing tasks in the future.



Periodial audit of our ISO 9001:2015 system took place in the cyber space again, unfortunately. But without any nonconformities. It assures that our customers get constant and good quality products.


Our Bisnode Certification, that proves the financial risk of doing business with our company is very low. We’ve got AAA, with what we belong to the top 0.63 % of the Hungarian companies.


The first test piece has been turned on the new lathe. It is ready to produce small parts (to diameter 42 mm) up to a few thousand pieces unattended.


Keepway KT16 CNC lathe with barloader arrived on 22 December. Thank Megakrán Kft for the professional handling. A short video on its arrival can be found on the Facebook page of our company. We would like to thank Zsolt Finta, Abszolut CNC Ltd for making it.

Update on the project: the Keepway KT16 CNC lathe with barloader is expected to arrive in the middle of december (expected arrival to Koper: 11. December). One of those coloured spots is its ship.

Latest news about our recent project: the Keepway KT16 CNC lathe with barloader is expected to arrive at the end of November, or beginning of december (departs from Taiwan on 02. November), and the Hanwha HCR-5 collaborative robot has already arrived.

Our latest project: a Keepway KT16 CNC lathe with barloader, and a Hanwha HCR-5 collaborative robot. Expected arrival: September-October, 2020. Source of images: producers’ websites ( and

Renewal audit of our ISO 9001:2015 system took place in the cyber space on 24.04.2020, without any nonconformities.

Our first crane has been set up on 05.12.2019. It can lift up 250 kg load. It’s to speed up the fixture changes and moving heavier parts at the Heller MCP-H250 machining centre. We’d like to thank Columbus-McKinnon for their help.

P1 audit of our ISO 9001:2015 system has taken place on 20.04.2018., without any nonconformities.

We’ve successfully upgraded our quality management system to ISO 9001:2015 on 08.05.2017.

We’ve gained our ISO 9001:2008 qualification on 14. May 2014. at DNV-GL:

Our Zeiss Opton WMM 850 CMM has been successfully refurbished. It’s got a new, Renishaw UCC2 control and Renishaw PH20, 5 axis head. Its accuracy is  0,0025 mm. Thank you, Coord3 and Lamatec Méréstechnika Kft. It’s ready to measure 850 x 700 x 600 mm parts in subcontract, as well.

Our Zoller tool presetter has been calibrated on 11.06.2013.

If you need engraving, but you haven’t got a machine for it, please consider our Markator MV 15 dot marking system.


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